When you are looking for a luxury day spa and holistic health retreat with a dedicated massage therapist near Weehawken, NJ, you may just find yourself at Spa Society.  Our Spa Director and Massage Therapist team have joined forces to provide you with relaxing and healing massage treatments to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. That’s because we believe that there is absolutely no reason why you can’t love taking care of your body and mind.

Massage therapy is a fundamental part of your total health and wellness routine for your mind and body.  Spa Society’s massage treatments in Weehawken, NJ include many modalities and options: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Sports, Neuro-Muscular, Cupping, Trigger Point, Prenatal, and Couples.  Our talented massage therapists specialize in techniques that are proven to achieve and maintain optimal health & wellness.

Our impeccable spa facilities and friendly staff will transport you to a place of bliss and healing, where you can take a moment out of your life and let us take care of you.  Look forward to expert massages that will make you feel amazing, full of life, healthy, and beautiful.

Spa Society offers many options for membership so that you can benefit from our sumptuous spa and massage services on a regular basis. Reinvigorate your mind and body; look and feel fabulous – you’ve earned it.

Why Spa Society: Massage Services

Spa Society is delighted to offer amazing massage packages to enhance your wellbeing, mood, and the connection between body and spirit. Treat yourself and revitalize with an exceptional massage therapist in Weehawken, NJ. with any one of our marvelous massage packages, which include:

Here at Spa Society, we have designed our massage treatments to provide luxury pampering while promoting holistic health and vitality. Book one of our gratifying deep tissue or full body massages and add any one of our splendid skin treatments, facials, or cosmetic services for the ultimate well-deserved treat.

Rejuvenate, relax, and restore your mind and body with Spa Society’s experienced and specialized massage therapists.  We offer a completely customized experience each time you come in for your massage treatment.  Our therapists will have a brief consultation with you before your treatment begins to make sure your experience is exactly what you are looking for.

Through massage, we are able to provide stress relief, prevent injury, improve flexibility and posture, manage anxiety and depression, relieve pain and stiffness and help control blood pressure.  We offer the best massage in Weehawken, NJ through our customization were we are able to maximize the benefits of massage.

Take a look at all the services we offer and get ready to feel fantastic. Spa Society is your destination for the best massage services in Weekhawken, NJ.

Full Body Massage

There is no better way to release the tension built up all over your body than to experience a luxurious Spa Society full body massage in Weehawken, NJ. Let your stress and aggravations melt away as your skillful massage therapist masterfully kneads, presses, and works on knotted and tense areas all the way from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. Alleviate soreness and anxiety, and let your mind go somewhere serene as you enjoy this soothing massage. Full body massages also encourage tissue regeneration, which helps to lessen the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

For the ultimate spa experience, pair your full body massage with one of our vast selection of add-ons and boosters.

Deep Tissue Massage

For clients with chronic muscle tension or risk of muscle tension, deep tissue massage therapy focuses on applying deeper pressure to the deepest layers of your muscles and tendons, as well as the fascia, connective tissue that holds your muscles, joints, bones, and organs together. Excellent therapy for clients who suffer from stiff neck, upper and lower back pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, sore shoulders, or tightness in the leg muscles. Deep tissue massage also facilitates injury recovery, improved posture, enhanced mobility, and it can help stave off or ameliorate repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

At the same time, deep tissue massages significantly help to boost your mood and reduce your level of stress hormones by activating the release and circulation of your body’s natural feel-good chemicals, serotonin, and oxytocin. Deep tissue massage therapy also helps to promote deep relaxation and lower heart rates for improved health and wellbeing.

You can also enhance your deep tissue massage in Weehawken NJ with a skin treatment or facial for the perfect spa day.

Massage Packages

At Spa Society, we are dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of massage services
to provide you a customized experience you will love.

Society Massage

A 60-minute massage service that incorporates the modalities best suited to you, based on your pre-consultation. These include full body, deep tissue, Swedish, reflexology, sport, trigger point, and prenatal therapy. Our Society Massage staple includes complimentary hot towels and aromatherapy.

Upgrade your Society Massage with any of our special add-ons, which include:


Specialty Massages

Spa Society has also created specialized massage treatment packages for amped-up TLC. Visit your phenomenal massage therapist in Weehawken, NJ for:

Upgrade your Society Massage with any of our special add-ons, which include:

Take advantage of our different membership packages and membership rewards. Got questions about which of our massage treatments would be the most effective for you? We’d love to answer them for you. Call us today!


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