All of the harmful elements we face on a daily basis ( sun, pollution, toxins, etc.) can dull our skin.  Spa Society’s Hydra-Fusion facial is the most customized hydradermabrasion treatment available in the area to help keep your face healthy and radiant. The Hydra-Fusion facial has five stages: cleanse, exfoliate, extract, hydrate, and protect to give you a more youthful, vibrant look.

5 Stages of Hydra-Fusion Facial

Cleanse: Deep fusion cleanse
Exfoliate: Safe enough for the most sensitive skin type
Extract: Vacuum and mild manual T-zone extraction
Hydrate: Skin brightening ampoules with 4 take home ampoule treatments included
Protect: Designer peel

Guests will receive a skin analysis at the beginning of their treatment. The facial will then be customized based on skin type: 4 custom LED light therapy options available.

About The Hydra-Fusion Facial

The Hydra-Fusion facial is a gentle exfoliating treatment for all skin types. You will experience a deep rehydrating process that detoxes your skin so you leave with a hydrating glow that lasts for days. It is gentle yet effective as it removes surface impurities while improving skin tone. The facial also features a designer enzymatic peel combined with LED light therapy customized for your skin type.

How Much Does It Cost?

60-minute Hydra-Fusion facial: $229

Benefits Of A Hydra-Fusion Facial

If you want youthful, soft, beautiful skin then you have to try our Hydra-Fusion facial. This facial will provide you with an instant improvement. Not only will it cleanse, extract and exfoliate your skin but it will also cover your newly revealed skin with serums tailored to your skin type and problem areas:

Sun damage: long term exposure to the sun can destroy elastic and collagen tissues in your skin. this facial can undo years of sun exposure.
Blackheads: The extraction process (which is painless thanks to the technology we use) will target all blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads. Leaving your skin fresh and clean.
Uneven Skin Tone: Wheter it is redness, brown spots, freckles, or acne marks the Hydra-Fusion facial will help to improve texture and skin tone.
Wrinkles: The LED light therapy used during the process will diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The hydration step will feed your skin with the essential nutrients.

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This was by far the best experience I've ever had at a spa in my entire life. The moment you walk inside, you're greeted by the kindest staff that provided amazing customer service.


I love everything about this spa! Very professional and laid back atmosphere which is exactly what I needed after a crazy week of work and kids! I was so relaxed after my massage and facial I did not want to go home!


She (Natasha) gave me exactly what I wanted and is very honest about her procedure. I am so satisfied with the results and I can not wait to get one again. It could not have been a better experience! The spa director, Andrew, is so friendly and comforting and can help you with anything you need.


Great service! Very professional, knowledgeable, clean and friendly! So many great services available from facials, massages, skin rejuvenation to cool sculpting which is soooo easy and relaxing!

Linda D

Last night I had a facial with your new esthetician, Jackie, at the Port Imperial Spa Society.

I had been saddened to hear about Mercedes departure given how much I liked her service. But I'm very pleased to say I was equally impressed with Jackie. She was all around terrific and I will certainly book with her again. I find myself sorry that we're moving away from the area in a few months!

I was also impressed with the front desk manager whose name I didn't catch. She, too, was very kind and appropriately helpful. They made a good team last night! Please pass on my thanks to them both for being so good at what they do. 🙂

Anyway, thought you should know since you've been very kind in listening to my feedback this past year.

Hope this finds you well and looking forward to the upcoming holidays.


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