Eyelash extensions are not like they used to be. These are not your grandma’s self-stick strips.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are bonded on one by one to your natural lash by our certified eyelash technician using tweezers and a specially developed adhesive.

Being that these eyelash extensions are individual lashes, they are virtually weightless and extend the length and thickness of your natural lashes. When paired with a growth serum, you get truly remarkable results. Lash extensions will give the eyes an instant pick-me-up, allowing you to wake up and go without needing to put on mascara. Our members love the way their lashes look!

Why Spa Society: Eyelash Services

At Spa Society, our eyelash extensions are the best eyelash extensions in NJ.  At Spa Society, we have three different levels of lashes.

First, a natural look, known as the Society Lash, is perfect for a little flare. We also offer Glamorous, which is our most popular eyelash extension selection. This set is perfect for giving a full, flawless look, every day!

Finally, our most luxurious set is the Voluminous set, which is best for special occasions or a night on the town to have you looking fierce!

How: Eyelash Packages or Styles to choose

At Spa Society, we have three different levels of lashes, the natural, Society look, Glamorous or Voluminous!  Appointment times start at 1 hour and may take up to 2 hours.

This all depends on the look you want, the state of your current natural lashes, and whether you are doing a brand new set or a fill-in.

We have two- and three-week touch-up treatments, and also offer lash removal. If you currently have lashes that were done somewhere other than Spa Society, due to possible chemical reactions and differences in lash types, we do require you wait until that set comes off or you come in for a removal and cleanse before we put new lashes on.

Eyelash Extension FAQs

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions will last through a full growth cycle of your natural eyelashes, which equates to about four to six weeks. Each person’s lash cycle varies; therefore we suggest a fill-in every two to three weeks to maintain the look. For the best results, clients should not rub their eyes or sleep face down (if possible). This will keep your lash extensions looking wonderful for as long as possible.

Types of eyelash extensions

Society (up to 70 lashes), Glamorous (up to 90 lashes), and Voluminous (up to 120 lashes)

How long does the service take?

Appointments take one to two hours depending on what lashes you are getting and if you need a full set or a fill-in.

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Have everyone talking about how beautiful your eyes are by accentuating them with eyelash extensions. It’s time to give you the look you’ve been waiting for.

Full sets start at $79 for Society Members and $109 for non-members. Call now, contact us, or book your appointment today!

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